I am unable to open attachments or hyperlinked documents in the Exported Word documents (docx)

You will need to ensure that the files are attached to the branches as file attachments and that you pack the file before exporting to Word.

When you do a word export, the files will then be copied to the same folder as the exported word document. They cannot be embedded within the word file.

The paths within the word document pointing to the file will be relative to where the word document is located.

The Word export in MindView 3 and MindView 4 uses Microsoft’s new XML-based file format, Office Open XML. While this allows MindView to export without Word being installed on the host machine, users who haven’t installed Office 2007 will find that they cannot open the resulting document. This is because the new file format is not backwards compatible, so Office versions like 2000, XP and 2003 are left behind. However, there are two possible solutions:

If you already have an earlier version of Microsoft Office, you can install the free Office Compatibility Pack* from Microsoft’s homepage. The pack is basically a set of conversion filters that convert the new files to something the older Office versions can understand. This pack also works with third-party office suites without Microsoft Office 2007 support, like OpenOffice 2. Get the compatibility pack here*.
Please note: If you experience difficulties with the compatibility pack, you may be able to solve them by applying the service pack*.

If you don’t have Microsoft Office at all, a free open source alternative is OpenOffice. As of version 3 it can read and write Office 2007 documents. You can get OpenOffice 3 here *.

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