Wie ändere ich den Audio-Codec beim Export zu WMV?

You cannot change the audio codec when exporting to WMV. This is because the ACELP.net codec (in ScreenCorder 4) or the Windows Media Audio 9 codec (in ScreenCorder 5) is forced in order to achieve smaller file sizes. To play files using this codec, it is necessary to install Windows Media Player version 9 or above.

If you need to ensure that exported movies will run on software other than Windows with WMP9, please select the AVI output format. This will let you choose freely among the installed codecs – to find one that is common and comes preinstalled with Windows, please see the Microsoft Windows help file (press F1) and search for “audio codecs”.

Optionally you can use a third-part, WMV-compatible demultiplex and multiplex utility to remove the sound, re-encode it to a format of your liking, and then re-multiplex the video and new audio file. Doing this is not supported by MatchWare and may break compatibility with some systems.