Ich verwende die OpenMind 2 Business Edition und das Programm läuft nicht

A problem has been discovered in the file MAPI32.DLL inside C:WINDOWSsystem32 – this file is replaced by email clients that are installed on the computer. The version used by third-party email handling applications to replace the original MAPI32.DLL is an incompatible version which lacks important functions, hence the message “Ordinal 21 could not be located in the dynamic link library MAPI32.DLL” when attempting to run OpenMind 2 Business Edition.

Microsoft Knowledge Base has the following solution to the problem:

From the command prompt, type “%systemroot%system32 ixmapi.exe” (or use the start menu -> run). You will not see any feedback but this replaces the error prone MAPI32.DLL with a backup version. Your old MAPI32.DLL will be renamed to MAPI32x.DLL where “x” denotes a version.

Alternatively you can manually place a copy of MAPI32.DLL in the OpenMind 2 Business Edition folder – this file will then be used if the original MAPI32.DLL has errors. Use this method if the method above fails. Remember to restore your MAPI32.DLL by replacing it with the MAPI32x.DLL backup if the above method causes an email application to fail!

A fix for this problem to allow OpenMind 2 Business Edition to run even if the MAPI32.DLL file has errors will be released with the next service pack.