Aufgaben mit 0% Fertigstellung werden als 100% in MS Project dargestellt

When exporting from OpenMind Business to MS Project, some users have experienced that tasks set at 0% completion show up as complete (100%) in Project. This is due to a bug in the transformation file used to communicate with Project – a fix will be included in all future releases, but can also be found here.

A ZIP-file has been attached to this page: download it and open it. Inside you will find a file called Project XML.xsl – this file should be extracted to the following path (depending on your operating system), overwriting the existing file:

Windows 2000 / XP / Vista:
C:Program FilesMatchWareOpenMind 2.0 BEXmlExport

Windows Vista 64b:
C:Program Files (x86)MatchWareOpenMind 2.0 BEXmlExport

(These are the default installation paths; if you installed OpenMind elsewhere, locate its installation folder and overwrite the file in the XmlExport subfolder)