How do I perform a logged install?

If you run into trouble executing an installation or a service pack patch, at some point in your conversation with MatchWare technical support you will likely be asked to perform a logged install. This can help us localize the problem sooner.

This example shows how to run an install program located on the desktop, while creating a log-file called log.txt in the same location:

Step 1: Go to the Start menu, click “Run” and type in: cmd<enter>
Step 2: Type in: cd Desktop<enter>

Step 3: Now execute the following command to start the install:
msiexec /l* log.txt /p <file name>

For example, this is how to apply a Mediator 9 patch:
msiexec /l* log.txt /p mediator9_en_sp1b120.msp

This is how to run a complete program installation:
msiexec /l* log.txt /p setup.msi

Some of our programs come as a single program file (an exe-file) – in that case, you can run this, much simpler, command:
setup.exe /l* log.txt

Step 4: Run through the install wizard as usual, and do what you usually do. When you are done you will find a new file called log.txt in the same folder as your installation/patch file – this is the file we need. Mail it to us, and we might be able to sort out your problems quicker.