How do I use an Object Variable?

To use object variables, you need to create a mini script containing a procedure as shown in the example(if you want to, for example, hide the object):

Sub hideobject

objvar = eval (textvar)
objvar.visible = False

End Sub

where   objvar = name of the object variable
textvar = name of a text variable, storing a value (name of the object).

The script will assign the value of the textvar -> objvar using the eval () function.

Var 1: The user selects the object (e.g. by clicking it) Then you say:

mouseclick -> assign (>textvar)) and run the script above.

Var 2: If you want to affect several (numbered) objects (object1, object2 etc.):

Specify the name of the object (e.g. “object” + numbervar -> textvar) and run the script above. Increase the Numbervar and repeat it for the next object (e.g. inside a loop in Mediator).