I have reinstalled Mediator to a new location on my computer – now Mediator is not running properly

Mediator creates one registry database entry when installing (this contains the default values) and one registry entry when a user runs Mediator. This is done to allow users on the same computer to have different settings when running Mediator.

When Mediator has been installed to one location, has been run by user(s), has then been uninstalled and finally reinstalled to a new location, the user(s) that have already run Mediator once from the old location will not be updated according to the changed computer registry. If this happened the user’s settings would be reset, but unfortunately this also means that the user(s) will still have the old paths in their settings.

To correct this problem you must, for every user, clear the registry dabase location HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMatchWareMediator <version> or manually correct all paths in this location pointing to the old Mediator installation. This can be done through a network domain controller if your network uses one.