Important information

Always upgrade to the latest service pack if you have a problem. To check your current build number, click the Menu button on the top left of the program window, click Options in the bottom right of the dialog, and open the Resources tab.

To download a service pack for your software, visit If your build number is lower than the one noted with the service pack, download and install the service pack immediately.

Mediator and MindView will automatically check for updates at a regular interval, but ScreenCorder does not.

The latest build numbers are as follows:

  • MindView 4 (Build 218)
  • MindView 4 BE (Build 218)
  • MindView 4 for Mac (Build 114)
  • MindView 3 (Build 178)
  • MindView 3 BE (Build 180)
  • MindView 3 for Mac (Build 88)
  • Mediator 9 (Build 152)
  • ScreenCorder 5 (Build 54)

If  you are running MindView for Mac and your build number is lower than the one noted with the latest build, please contact us via the Contact tab and we will send you a download link for the latest build.


If you are carrying out a network installation, please refer to the document linked below: