OpenMind does not recognize the serial number when deploying via GPO

This is a problem with the first build of OpenMind 2 – the symptoms are that the application will ask for a serial even if it was entered during the administrative installation process. To rectify this problem, apply the latest service pack to the administrative installation before pushing it to clients. Below are the instructions for patching an administrative installation (for more information, see the manual or help file on “administrative installations”).

Applying a patch package to an administrative installation

  1. Choose Start – Run.
  2. Type:

msiexec.exe /p <path to .msp file> /a <path to administrative .msi file>

Members of the workgroup using OpenMind must then reinstall the application from the new administrative source image to receive the update.
To completely reinstall the application and cache the updated .msi file on their computer, users may enter either of the following commands:

  • msiexec.exe /fvomus //server/<administrative .msi file>
  • msiexec.exe /I //server//<administrative .msi file> REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vomus