SQL-query fails with “Operation must use an updateable query”

This error message will appear when trying to manipulate a file-based Access database whose data files are write protected. An example of this is while running the “Database” Mediator 9-example on Windows Vista.

The solution is to relax the security settings of either the datafile itself, or the folder containing the files. The following guide will tell you how to set the security settings for the Database example to their lowest level on Windows Vista:

  1. Browse to the folder (default location is C:Program FilesMatchwareMediator 9Examples )
  2. Rightclick the “Database” folder and choose Properties
  3. Click the Security tab
  4. Click the Edit button, and answer “Continue” when prompted for Administrative rights
  5. Click Add…
  6. Type “Everyone” (without the quotes) into the name field, and click OK
  7. Select “Everyone” from the user list, and check “Full control” in the Permissions list.
  8. Click OK to close the Security window, then OK again to close the property page.

It’s important to notice that this will enable ALL users on the computer to modify the folder, so be careful which folders you enable these settings for. After this is done, your queries should work immediately.