Using MatchWare products with Terminal Services

Using Terminal Services is possible with MindView, however, Microsoft advises against the usage of multimedia enabled applications – which Mediator and ScreenCorder both are. Therefore, we also advise against using Mediator or ScreenCorder via Terminal Services.

OpenMind is unaffected but can generate a lot of network traffic due to the fairly complex nature of mindmaps. A lot of graphical content needs to be refreshed when panning, changing map types, moving branches, etc. Currently we have no specific advise to the number of simultaneous users, so if you intend to use OpenMind via TS, keep a close eye on your network load. Of course the number of colors and resolution of the “desktop” has an effect on network load; you may need to force or instruct users to choose 256-color palettes when running OpenMind via TS.