When I write certain words in capital letters in MindView 5 the software freezes for a period of time


When you type a long word in upper case that is not recognised in the MindView 5 Spell Checker​, it can take the Spell Checker some time to process the word.
This can result in ​the MindView software appearing to freeze for a short period of time.
Please be aware that the software has not frozen and will continue to work normally after a short period of time.

This issue happens only in specific circumstances:
– When typing in UPPER CASE
– When the word is not recognised by the spell-checker
– When the word is longer than 8 characters

This problem can be resolved in a number of ways:

1. By adding the problematic words​ to the dictionary by navigating to File > MindView Options > Proofing > Custom Dictionaries > Modify and then adding your word to your dictionary.

2.​ By selecting the “Ignore words in UPPER CASE” option from the Proofing tab in the MindView Options.

3. By using lower case letters for the problematic words.