Why can I activate OpenMind 2 but still it keeps asking me to activate every time I start it?

Changing the location of the activation file.

By default the activation data is stored in:

C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DatamwasOpenMind2.0be.mwas

In some rare situations, client computers may be set up with restricted access to the above folder and this will cause the activation file not to be saved. If you have a client server system setup in this way then you can move the activation file to another location by adding an entry to the admin.ini file as follows:

mwas=c:different folder with write accessOpenMind2.0be.mwas

Storing several activation files on the server

You can store several activation files in the same folder of the server by adding an entry to the admin.ini file as follows:


server = the name of the server
activations = the share name on the server

%COMPUTERNAME% will be replaced with the client computer name

If you have this problem and you are not the systems administrator then please contact your systems administrator and have him or her address the problem – refer to this FAQ entry or to the manual which contains the same information under the header “Troubleshooting”.