How do I use Elmah to diagnose issues?

Step 1: Go to the URL http://localhost/MeetingBooster/Admin/elmah. This will show a log of errors that have occurred whilst MeetingBooster has been running.

Note: Elmah can only be accessed from the server where MeetingBooster is running. MeetingBooster needs to be running in order for errors to be logged on Elmah.

The Elmah data is by default saved in the ~/App_Data/ElmahLog folder. Each log entry has a xml file.

We may ask you to send a zip file of the ElmahLog folder when troubleshooting MeetingBooster.

Note: If you see “Server URL not defined in configuration” entry in Elmah, this means the PublicServerUrl is not defined in the Web.Config file. Please refer to the Web.Config section of the On Premise Installation Guide for more information