How to add users in MeetingBooster

There are two ways to add users in MeetingBooster:

  • to add users one by one, follow Option 1
  • to add multiple users at once, follow Option 2

Option 1) Go to MeetingBooster > Admin > Users > User Management

  1. Click the +Add button at the bottom of the User List
  2. Enter the new User details
  3. Click the Security Roles tab
  4. Assign the user to the required Security Role
  5. Click Save

Option 2) Go to MeetingBooster > Admin > Users > User Import

  1. Click the Download Template button
  2. Enter the details of all the users in the downloaded template
  3. After entering all the user details, save the file
  4. In MeetingBooster select the file that you want to import by clicking the “Choose File” button
  5. Click the “Upload File” button
  6. Finally review the Users details and click “Import”

The best way to assign Security Roles to the newly added user is by going to Admin > Security > Roles for User Hierarchy

  1. Select the Security Role you want to add to the user, for example, “Meeting Organiser”
  2. Click the Users tab, then click +Add User
  3. Select the users you want to add to this Security Role