MeetingBooster Local Active Directory Troubleshooting

Note: the following solutions are to be executed by an IT administrator.

If for some reason users are not able to login, please try the following steps to identify the error and to resolve the issue. These tools need to be run on the server on which MeetingBooster was installed.

1.MeetingBooster AD Checker tool –

Use the MeetingBooster AD Checker to find out if the user is a valid MeetingBooster user. You can also use the tool to check and connect with the Active Directory server using the domain user and password you specify. Then try to find the “meetingbooster” security group, count the users in the group, and finally search for other MeetingBooster security groups.

If everything seems fine but you still can’t login, please go to step

2. MeetingBooster Admin Tool –

The MeetingBooster Admin Tool allows the system admin to clear the integration with the AD within MeetingBooster and to re-enable the initial MeetingBooster Admin user, so you can access MeetingBooster again.

(Note: this will not delete the users or any data.) Using the Admin user, you can re-integrate the AD within MeetingBooster, but before removing this Admin user ensure that the setup of the AD was successful and MeetingBooster can find the necessary MeetingBooster groups within the AD.