New user fails to be created manually on MeetingBooster. What should I do?

Screening Procedure: When logged in to MeetingBooster, go to Settings icon -> Admin -> User Management -> in User List select Add -> Enter details of new user -> Select Save and an error message appears:

User Creation Failure

After attempting to create a new user, the system tries to send an email but it fails to send so the system then rolls back the user creation


This error occurs when the application pool identity used for MeetingBooster is incorrect.
Step 1: Ensure that the MeetingBooster directory has the correct Security settings applied to it. Right click MeetingBooster directory -> Properties -> Security -> Check MeetingBooster user exists

MeetingBooster User

Step 2: If this user is not displayed go to Edit -> Add -> Enter iis apppool\MeetingBooster -> select Check Names -> select OK -> Ensure the following permissions are enabled for MeetingBooster as shown in Figure 2 -> Select OK

Permissions for MeetingBooster User

NOTE: to enter a App pool user – use the syntax: “IIS apppool\MeetingBooster” (here MeetingBooster is the name of the apppool)