Page can’t be displayed in Internet Explorer when accessing MeetingBooster. What should I do?

Screening Procedure: When entering URL for MeetingBooster application in IE, an error message is displayed stating “This page can’t be displayed”.

Page can't be displayed IE MB



  • This error occurs in IE when a specific server IP address has been stated within the URL and the IP address of that server has since changed.
  • Ensure that in web.config file, the PublicServerUrl value is set to http://<Servername>/MeetingBooster where <Servername> is the name of the server containing MeetingBooster on it – e.g. http://WIN-C8MN6HIDSPI/MeetingBooster. This will ensure that the URL will always access MeetingBooster correctly as the server name will not change even if its IP address changes.
  • Note: You can also set the PublicServerUrl to http://localhost/MeetingBooster if you only want to access MeetingBooster locally on the same server/machine it has been installed on. Ensure the following line is present in Host file: localhost (This should not be necessary – a DNS server always returns for localhost)