Adding a user who belongs to another account. You can invite them by using the Merge Accounts feature.

The warning message below appears when the Admin is trying to add a user who already belongs to another account. The most common reason why this happens is that the user has previously created their own account when signing up for a trial.

Figure 1: Error when trying to add a user who belongs to another account

To resolve the issue the Admin will have to merge the two accounts.

1) As an Admin open and sign in to

2) Go to Admin > Settings and type in the email address in the Merge Accounts field.

Figure 2: Merge Feature

3) After verifying that the user exists on a different account, you can send out an invitation.

Figure 3: Verifying Users account before sending out invitation

4) To accept the invitation, the user will just have to click the link contained in the message received.