Deploying MindView to other Macs

The instructions below are addressed to organizations wanting to deploy MindView to other Macs.


  1. Install MindView to one Mac.
  2. Run MindView.
  3. Enter the serial number.
  4. (optional) Activate the application. (This is not necessary because all copies will be activated independently.)
  5. Mount the target Mac (needs maximum access).

Then, if using script:

6. Run the script (download attached zip file) with the parameter “path to the mounted Mac” (/Volumes/Mac2).

Or, if copying manually:

6. Copy or install MindView to the remote Mac.

7. Copy the file /Users/Shared/.mwmv7sni from the original Mac to the same path on the target Mac. 

8. On the target Mac, create a file /Users/Shared/.mw7iactf for example using the command touch /Users/Shared/.mw7iactf

The target Macs will not ask for a license number, but will all be activated individually (in silent mode). They must have access to the Internet.