I can’t Export my Gantt Chart to a Picture Format?

This is an issue that effected older builds of MindView 6. To resolve this issue please update to the newest Service Pack.

You can do this by opening MindView and navigating to File > Options > Resources > Check for Updates.


If you are unable to update your software then you can enable picture exports for your Gantt Chart by adding the “Save as Picture” option to your Quick Access Toolbar”.

You can do this by performing the following steps:

Step 1: Right-click on the Quick Access Toolbar (in the top left hand corner of the software) and select “Customize Quick Access Toolbar”.

Step 2: Select FILE in the drop down list and scroll down the list of commands until you find “Picture”.

Step 3: Select the Picture command and press Add to add it to your Quick Access Toolbar.

Step 4: Press OK and you will see that the Picture command is now available in your Quick Access Toolbar and you can use this command to Export your mindmap as a picture from any View, including the Gantt chart view.