Installing MindView 6 through a network deployment

You can download a guide to perform a remote deployment here:

MindView 6 Technical Specification

Alternatively, follow the steps below to perform an administrative installation.

Administrators can create an administrative installation directly from the DVD by selecting Administrative Installation:


Admnistrative installation


Alternatively, to start the administrative installation from the command line you use the standard Windows® installer argument /a.

  • Choose Start – Run.
  • Type the following:
    X:\install\<language>\setup.exe /a
    msiexec.exe /a “X:\install\<language>\setup.msi”
    where X represents the DVD drive letter. Please correct the location of the setup.msi or setup.exe if you have got the installation package via download.


When the administrative installation starts you will see the following dialogue:

Admnistrative installation

Specify the following in the dialogue that appears:

  • The location of the installation package
  • The user name and company name to use as default
  • The serial number
  • (optional) Check ‘Force activation when MindView is run’ if you want MindView to be automatically activated the first time the program runs.
  • (optional) Check ‘Automatically activate during installation’ if you want to activate MindView during installation.

These two activation options are “silent” (i.e. they do not display any messages).

The above options are stored in a file called “admin.ini” in the destination folder. You can edit this file using a text editor like Notepad if you want to change the options without making a new administrative installation.