MindView requires activation every time it is started

This issue is caused by the activation file not being written to the hard drive correctly, due to inadequate permissions in the user’s account.
To correct this run the application once as administrator and perform activation.
Step 1: The application can be run as administrator in one of two ways. Either:
  • Click the Start Menu and enter the application name (eg. MindView) in the search bar. Once the Application is shown in the list, press “ctrl” + “shift” + “enter”. The application will be run as Administrator.
  • Right-click the application’s main EXE file (found in the “Program Files > MatchWare > MindView directory) and choose “run as administrator”.

Step 2: Activate the software like normal. 

After activating as an administrative user the activation information is written and you will not be asked to activate on each run of the application.


Note: If the application was push-installed through GPO/Active Directory simply check the “activate during installation” checkmark as presented in the administrative installation creation dialogue. This will cause the application to activate using the system account which has adequate permissions to write the activation file.