How do I set up a connection between my locally hosted Shared WorkSpace and Active Directory?

Instead of manually adding, editing and deleting users, you may manage your users automatically by synchronizing Shared Workspace with your organization’s Active Directory server.

Using Active Directory to control who should have access to Shared Workspace means that you will only have to add, edit and delete users in one place (Active Directory) instead of having to manually replicate the same user roster changes across several separate systems.

It also makes it easier to integrate Shared Workspace in the organization’s security set-up.

Basic requirements

  • Your Active Directory server must have a security group calledSharedWorkspace and SharedWorkspaceAdmin. All users who should be able to access Shared Workspace must be members of the SharedWorkspace security group in Active Directory. Shared Workspace administrator should be a member of the SharedWorkspaceAdmin security group.
  • Users must log onto Shared Workspace using their existing domain user name or email and passwords as specified in Active Directory.


Setting up the connection to Active Directory from Shared WorkSpace

  • Click My Account.
  • Click Active Directory in the left menu.

AD set up for Shared Workspace local host

  • Enter your domain, user name and password for the Active Directory server.
  • Optionally you can change the name of the SharedWorkspace and SharedWorkspaceAdmin security groups.

Your user name should include the domain name (example: mydomain\aduser), and you must have permission to query the Active Directory server.

  • Click Save.

When you have set up the connection to Active Directory, manual user editing will be disabled in the Admin section of Shared Workspace.